Aku konpius antara WEP vs WPA..ini kerana selepas format my Tobby, he cannot enter cmacun wireless anymore!!!…bila aku masukkan ntwk pwd, akan kuar error psl 128bits/64bits etc…google punya google rupenya problem ni ada kaitan ngn WEP/WPA..bila cek balik kt router configuration rupenya aku set as WEP…aku lupa knp aku choose WEP rather than WPA…so aku kaji dan kaji rupenya WPA is much better than WEP..and hurray, it works bebeh!! 🙂


Main weaknesses of WEP are:

1) The same IV (initialization vector) can be used more than once. This feature makes WEP very vulnerable, especially to collision-based attacks.

2) With IV of 24 bits, you only have about 16.7 million of possible combinations.

3) Masters keys, instead of temporary keys, are directly used.

Most users usually do not change their keys. This gives hackers more time to crack the encryption.

Advantages of WPA over WEP are:

1) Length of IV (initialization vector) is now 48, comparing to WEP’s 24. This gives you over 500 trillion possible key combinations.

2) IV has much better protection with better encryption methods. This is prevention of reuse of IV keys.

3) Master keys are never directly used. 

4) Better key management.

5) Impressive message integrity checking.


When you take all this into account, you can see that WPA is much better solution for your wireless network.